SanDisk iXpand flash drive for iPhone and iPad

SanDisk has released USB-flash drive for iPhone / iPad – SanDisk iXpand. In addition to the standard USB port novelty contains an additional connector Lightning.

The drive is available in the form of models with a capacity of 16, 32 and 64 GB. With two ports connecting the device can be used to transfer files between your iPhone or iPad and computers. When connecting to Apple mobile devices automatically archives all new photos and video clips available. Also, the device can play back files of popular formats of video and music that are stored on the drive. To do this, use the application iXpand Sync. The novelty has dimensions 64.17 × 36.78 × 11.80 mm.

lightening SanDisk iXpand

USB-flash drive SanDisk iXpand will go on sale soon in the coming month. Price models capacity of 16, 32 and 64 GB is about $60, $80 and $120, respectively. Well, the newly launched SanDisk iXpand flash drive for iPhone and iPad is pretty interesting because of its design and specifications. As there are two connector available, you can use this device traditionally with any USB port compatible device like laptop or desktop computer and on other hand the available lightening port is providing it’s the compatibility to transfer the data between iPhone / iPad and drive.

Apple SanDisk iXpand flash drive

SanDisk iXpand:


+Lightening port

+USB port

+Available 64GB variant




This was all about the just launched SanDisk iXpand flash drive for Apple iPhone and iPad. Well, this could be the must have accessory for iPhone or iPad. At present there is not much information available, so stay tuned for more.

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