Seagate 20TB HDD is a reality? Discover now

Seagate 20TB HDD is a reality? Discover now

The firm Seagate has confirmed that not only plans to raise the capacity of its hard drives up to 20 TB but also wants to double its performance, an ambitious bet that however does not require a particularly novel advance.

Seagate 20TB HDD is a reality? Discover now

As many of our readers will know, between the parts that make up a hard disk are the actuators, which are the mechanical filaments in which the heads that deal with reading and writing tasks are integrated.

In the same hard disk there are several actuators and several heads and how could it be otherwise their work influences the final performance of the unit. In current models, these heads can not work independently, since they are integrated into the same arm and move in unison.

Well here is where the key is. Seagate aims to resort to what is known as “multiple actuators,” technology that allows the use of several arms with a certain number of heads that can work asynchronously.

In theory, this means that in the first models (equipped with eight actuators divided into two arms ) these new storage units could respond and work with two commands in parallel.

It is not the first time that Seagate uses this technology to improve the performance of its hard drives, although it is true that its first approach did not come to fruition because of the high costs involved in its implementation.

We still have some important questions, especially regarding prices and format (we do not know if these discs will maintain 3.5 inches), but we know that the use of “multiple actuators” will not reduce the capacity of these new hard drives.

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