Sharp Z3: Review, Specs, a Metal smartphone

Many believe that the developers of mobile phones from Asia do not feel well in the market and that the sales they are not going well. In particular, it is talking about the company Sharp, which produces quite a daring and risky devices, while other companies are trying to follow a proper and usual way. Smartphone Sharp Z3 is a clear indication that some smartphones are not on the market giants like Samsung and Apple are quite interesting to present new ideas and solutions that demonstrate the attractive design and have low cost. Of course, no one says that this smartphone will conquer the market and now all will be with Sharp Z3 walk, but in the local market it is a bomb, and the manufacturer plans this summer to release the product in the world and sell it outside the country that also makes us happy, as previously get a smartphone Sharp was very difficult.

Sharp Z3


The smartphone Sharp Z3 is built on Qualcomm processor 652 and many journalists, for whatever their reasons, called it a weak processor. In fact, this is quite a powerful model that accommodates two clusters of four cores with a maximum clock frequency of 1.8 gigahertz. This is quite enough to work with any gaming products to communicate in social networks, watching videos in high definition and other tasks. RAM is of 4 GB, which is also very nice and the problems with the brakes or glitches you feel will not be exactly the next couple of years. Built in the memory of the smartphone 64 gigabytes, for a start it will be enough with a head, and if you will not get enough space for movies and games, you can insert the memory card.

Case design

In terms of the appearance of the Sharp Z3 smartphone, it pleased me personally but many may notice similarities with the iPhone and that some users do not like. The front panel display is with minimal outside left and right, under the display Home button located, above the display – camera, speaker and tracking sensors. On the back side we have a camera flash, a tiny company logo and everything on it. The device is very succinctly collected, no unnecessary design elements and other parts that would hinder you in everyday life.


Sharp Z3 display size is 5.7 inches, which in itself is not bad, and for games with books fit very well, but the resolution is 2560 by 1440 pixels. The picture is very clear, the pixel density will please even the largest gourmet eye even after a very long gaming sessions do not get tired and do not hurt, which also pleased me. Back camera of Sharp Z3 is of 16 megapixels with dual LED flash, which takes high-quality photos in daylight. There are two slots for SIM cards, it works on all Android 7.0 Nougat operating system.


Price of Sharp Z3 is 465 dollars, which is very bad for the product from the company is not the most popular. But, let’s evaluate the tree stuffing gadget – a cool display, one of the best on the market, powerful processor, though not the flagship, high-quality housing made of metal, a good camera and other small benefits. Yes, if the processor is here we put a higher grade, and the cost rose to $ 600, then it would be a real competitor for many gadgets from China, but the manufacturer decided otherwise.

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