Smartphone HTC U12: The future, which may not happen

Currently, the release in 2018 of the flagship HTC U12 is under big question. Over the past year, the Taiwanese company has evolved from one of the leaders in the smartphone market to an outsider, which occasionally reminds itself of the release of new models.


Alas, even the victory presented in May, HTC U11 over Apple iPhone 7 and all other flagships in popular benchmarks did not return the former glory to the manufacturer. The device, of course, turned out to be very interesting, and the idea of ​​a sensory framework – even revolutionary

Whether this concept will go to the masses will be shown by the autumn release of Google Pixel 2, which is expected to be produced in factories HTC and will borrow from U11 control with the help of a touch frame. If the concept goes to the masses, then the HTC U12 has a chance to appear next year.

It is assumed that HTC U12 will be based on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset and will receive 6/8 GB of RAM depending on the modification. The capacity of the built-in flash drive of the smartphone will be, respectively, 64/128 GB. You should also be able to install the MicroSD memory card.

As for the screen, there is a possibility of switching to 4K UltraHD resolution instead of the current QHD. This opens up new horizons in terms of virtual and additional reality technologies. In other cases, such a clear picture is meaningless.

Still, according to rumors, HTC U12 should have a dual main camera, which includes a pair of sensors with a resolution of 12 Mp. Promise fivefold zoom, optical image stabilization and even hybrid autofocus. Branded chips like UltraPixel technology will also be preserved.

The next flagship HTC U12 in the event of its release will be running Android 8 Oreo with the proprietary shell HTC Sense UI. The latter, by the way, is now also not in the best condition. If before it was almost a “trendsetter” amongst the superstructures, now different MIUI have come forward.

Released of HTC U12

It is assumed that the presentation of the smartphone will take place in April 2018, if there is no delay in the supply of the necessary components, as happened this year. In any case, Qualcomm promises that Snapdragon 845 will be released “on time” and chipsets will suffice at all.

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