Sony Xperia Z3 coming in August 2014 with a bang

Most recently, Sony has announced one of its most superior phone of the year i.e. Sony Xperia Z2. And as per the specifications views, Z2 is closed to Samsung’s beast Samsung Galaxy S5. No doubt, in camera specs Sony is always ahead to other manufacturers and Z2 is featuring massive 20.7MP sensor. Already, Sony Xperia Z series popular for its camera sensor and this year, Z2 will take it to another level. No doubt, it’s early to talk about the Sony’s successor to Z2 but internal news confirmed that Sony has started working on Sony Xperia Z3 which may appear in the month of August 2014.

The Evolution:

Xperia Z3

Sony Xperia Z series is not as popular as Galaxy S series because it is not that old. No doubt, its popularity is increasing exponentially because of its most powerful smartphones. Xperia Z series started in the month of Jan 2013 with Sony Xperia Z and in 2013 only, Sony launched the next member of this family Xperia Z1 which changes the camera limits for a smartphone and now Xperia Z2 is ready to define new standard and Xperia Z3 is still in questions.

  • Sony Xperia Z – released Jan 2013
  • Xperia Z1 – Released Sep 2013
  • Xperia Z2 – Releasing March 2014
  • Sony Xperia Z3 – will release in August 2014??

Xperia Z3 release date:

Sony Xperia is about to release Z2 smartphone and it will not make sense if someone will confirm it’s release date now. But as per the previous stats and studying the market we can say that in the month of August 2014, Sony might schedule the release date of its next arrival.

On other hand rumors are suggesting iPhone 6 and Galaxy Note 4 beast will also make their entry to market in the month of August or before. So, no doubt Sony would need something stronger, which could stand in the market and sound louder. So, again there is possibility Sony may schedule Sony Xperia Z3 release date in early 3rd quarter of this year.

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Would Xperia Z3 have curved display?

Xperia Z3

LG and Samsung are very first smartphone manufactures those have brought something unique to the market by launching curved display smartphones.  If we study the market for curved display smartphone then we won’t find a big share in the market. On other hand, people want to try something new but this kind of phone would come in the market with a high-end price range. But if Sony has something interesting then it will bring in the Z3. There is expectation that now high-end smartphone will feature 2K-resolution display and same thing is expected from Xperia Z3.

LG G3 and Nexus 6 are other two smartphones of the market, which might come with the similar display technology and resolution. And again we want to say there are very negligible chances that there would be any curved display on Xperia Z3 but can’t confirm.

Xperia Z3 Specifications and Features:

  • Octa-core 2.5 GHz processor
  • 4GB RAM (already 3GB RAM in Z2, not its time for more)
  • 5.5 inches native 2K resolution True-IPS display (expected)
  • 23.7MP Sensor
  • Non-removable 3500 mAh battery possible Li-Po
  • Finger print sensor integrated in display
  • microUSB 3.0
  • Wi-Fi dual band
  • 32GB & 64GB memory variants
  • microSD card support up to 128GB
  • Waterproof and dustproof characteristics

The above written specifications and features will make Sony Xperia Z3 a verdict among all the upcoming beast as iPhone 6, Galaxy Note 4, Nexus 6 and LG G3. Also, it is expected that Sony might bring the significant changes in design. If you look on the design of already members of Z series that are Z, Z1 and Z2 almost looks same. Now its time for something different, for example there would be very less people who would update from Z2 to Z3 is there would be same design. All wants something different and Sony will have to come up with it.

No doubt, Z series design is pretty impressive and glass touch has a feel too but significant changes are the need in the design. Simplicity is best but simplicity should not repeat and that Sony has to deal with it. The specifications of other competitors would be almost close because they are also trying hard to figure out the first position in the market but Sony will make the difference with its unique design and expected ultra low light sensitivity camera sensor. Also, Xperia Z3 may be the very first octa-core processor of Sony and rumors are also suggesting.

The Sony Xperia Z3 camera sensor would be special not only in terms of MP but also with ultra low light sensitivity, 4K native resolution recording and it is expected that it would able to record 1080p @ 120fps and it would be itself a record for a smartphone. On other hand, younger brother Z2 is also close with 720p @ 120fps and 1080p @ 60 fps. And as said, Z3 would able to record 4320p @ 25~30fps. And there would be no phone with this advanced recording specifications and features.

Xperia Z3 price range:

Sony Z3 smartphone will belong to high end specifications smartphone and no doubt it price range would lie up to the high end smartphone price range according to the future time. It might be close to $750 price range. No doubt its price would be lower than the iPhone 6 and on other hand the close competitor within its price range would be probably Note 4 and LG G3 which might come with the similar hardware platform as of this phone’s but number of processor units may vary.

Sony Xperia Z3

The Completion:

With the launch of Xperia Z2, Sony is already setting records and soon these records would Xperia Z 3practically appear with the number of sales and similar thing is expected with the Sony Z3. Right after two or three months, we would be seeing other Xperia Z3 rumors and concept Xperia Z3 images and lots more. Just stay tuned with us, don’t forget to subscribe so that you could receive other updates regarding the same title right into your mailbox.

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  1. People are so hung up on HTCs Boomsound. Personally I don’t want to hear what someone else has on their phone and I despise those who think everyone else wants to hear it. Sony also has dual front speakers and it’s only 0.3 millimetres taller than htc. Just because Sony cover the speakers for waterproofing dies mean it’s wasted bezel space. Htc could have reduced their bezel by rewound the wasted Htc branding band on the bottom but nobody complains about that. I have used both phones and each have their good and bad points but for me the Sony is streets ahead of the HTC and everyone else in all departments.

    1. Why u are too much concern on the pixel count? Pixel count implies the size of the image but not the image quality. Images from Sony mobiles are like washed or faded reds blues and greens. I supposed because of what they called WHITE MAGIC. Very poor sound. Nokia, htc and samsung had their loud speakers loud with complete tweeters, midrange and subwoofers. Sound are like component but sony had its sound best on its headsets, a hidden treasure. They fail to convince costumers and end up in failing market.

    1. There is no reason why Sony cannot upgrade the RAM to 4GB if they are upgrading the processor to 2.5GHz octacore. But if Sony maintains the outdated 2.3GHz quadcore, then i think they need not to upgrade their phone to 4GB RAM. The phone speed will be choked. I would suggest that sony has to come up with a more advanced and innovative ones as they are very late in the smartphone competition as when they separated with Ericsson. That time, Sony Ericsson was outspoken coz their phones have the least specifications including the use of traditional lcd. Sony with samsung was a joint venture in the production of super lcd. But it never used in thwir phone. Instead they used the traditional lcd which made the phone thick and poor color specially when viewed obliquely. Poor still camera images including videos. Sound is poor also. I appreciated the XPlay in which i have that unit. But again very low specs. I cannot understand sony is doing…….

    2. When I jumped from 128MB to 512MB some years back, I got excited?

      Today, I sometimes work from phone and have 6+ things open that I am actively working with? I want a quick break and open Modern Combat……..

  2. I believe the Xperia Z3 will pose stiff competition to other companies like Samsung and Apple. The looks of the Sony product seem to have an added advantage.

    1. Yes Sir that’s possible. But the thing is Sony always put something in their phones for somebody to comment. Lets say the sound quality. My Z Ultra the sound from its loud speaker is stereo but very low. Some video playback cannot even be heard even inside the room. Very poor compared to Samsung and HTC….. Nice build but again the bezel (up and down the phone) were too prominent. Why Samsung and HTC can produce a phone with very less bezels and Sony which is the the most pioneer in the industry cannot do? Blogs told that that it might be because of the thickness of ZUltra why the sound is of very low volume. But see the again in Z2 which is thicker, the sound is just a little bit louder than the ZUltra with very less bass? Compare it with S4, S5 anf HTC M8 how powefull id the loud speaker. Another thing is that Sony is pioneer in photography but why the images from the phone camera cannot even compared to Oppo? Washed and green becomes whity like old images stored in the vault taken during the 70’s. I think its because of what they called WHITE MAGIC. Greens and reds are washed and whity. Actually Samsung’s images are far better. I have Samsung and i noticed that color reproduction is far better

  3. Very nice but will siny reduce the top and bottom besels which all people are conmenting???? The sound also is the main issue for sony phones. While the other phone manufacturer are innovating on the sound quality (loud speaker) to be loud and with stereo sound, sony dies in the other way. Stereo but low sound. Not like samsung and htc does. Sony kept their phones glass for both back and front sides, but the back seemed to be not scratch resistant. Why not make both same quality? The thickness is also is a factor like the ZUltra and Z2 Tablet. They keep it thin. Ok its nice but the besels were too prominent.. Hope sony will address these issues.

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