Sony Xperia ZX 2 - 2018 flagship: Design & Specs

Sony Xperia ZX 2 – 2018 flagship: Design & Specs

Sony Xperia ZX is a flagship from Sony for 2017, and it has done well so far. Sony Xperia has lost market share in past couple of years, and now it seems to be picking it up with the upcoming Sony Xperia ZX 2 in 2018.

The first pictures of future Sony flagships, confirming the statement of company representatives about a complete rethinking of the design of new smartphones. Judging by the available information, shortly we are waiting for at least two devices from a Japanese manufacturer with thin frames around the screen. Also, Sony, it seems, still equips its novelties with a dual camera.

Sony Xperia ZX 2 - 2018 flagship: Design & Specs

According to sources, the device with a glass back cover will be the next top-end smartphone Sony. He will receive a 4K-display with a built-in fingerprint scanner, a new eight-core Snapdragon 845 processor, 6 GB of RAM, a 128 GB drive, a dual camera and front stereo speakers.

About the model, in the all-metal case, we know much less information. The photo shows that she has a dual camera and front stereo speakers, and a fingerprint scanner is on the back side.

In a change in the present design philosophy, in 2018, Sony might release at least 2 Xperia smartphones which game near-bezel-less displays. Online sources assert to have some information about the plan and characteristics of Sony’s 2018 flagship smartphone, along with information about the design of another (non-flagship) Xperia.

Sony Xperia ZX 2 - 2018 flagship: Design & Specs

The leaves that we are viewing in this essay are based on Sony’s own layout drafts. The handset with significantly less curved corners and a glistening rear will be the flagship version. It is stated that this phone could have a fingerprint scanner embedded right into its screen, which might make it among the first handsets to provide such a fingerprint detector solution.

The next forthcoming Sony handset must also bring double front-facing speakers along with a double rear camera, even though its own fingerprint detector is anticipated to be a standard one located on the rear panel. Other features remain unidentified. At this very moment, we can not confirm any of the facts above. But we do understand that Sony’s smartphone layouts will need to evolve, and possibly the management implied by these new leaves is the most suitable one.

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