Soundboks 2 is a solid bluetooth speaker

Soundboks 2 is a solid bluetooth speaker: Review & Specs

Last year, On Kickstarter a new Bluetooth speaker caught many eyes named Soundboks. The best part of this device was to rock any party with solid sound and to work till hours with solid battery backup. And, here comes the new version called Soundboks 2 which is improved, such as a sound increase up to 122 dB. This item is a monster, but in a fantastic way and I only had to give it a try.

It is unquestionably a strong sound system. However, it does not come cheap at $899. This speaker was not made for everybody, though. It is eminently helpful for things like road side busking, flashmob celebrations, mobile DJing, and shore bonfire bashes, although it could be overkill for listening to NPR podcasts at the kitchen.

Soundboks 2 is a solid bluetooth speaker

On its outside, the Sounboks 2 is all ace. There are handles on both sides along with metallic ball corners with alloy piping round all of the edges. The front of the speaker has been coated with a metallic grille, and that means you won’t need to be concerned about those cones becoming accidentally damaged. Cement and other surfaces that are tiled could scrape through the black and depart silver scuffs.

Above one manage, is the pit in which you add the rechargeable Batteryboks. It’s simple to install and remove, also, as it is only a rectangular block having a grip on it. You can find grooves to direct it into position and make sure it stays snug once added and one plug to link. There is also a button on your battery which will provide you the present bill status in 20-percent sections.

Soundboks 2 is a solid bluetooth speaker

On the other hand is that the barebones control panel together with the required volume knob which does really go around 11. The prior maxes out at approximately 100 dB, and contains less bass when compared with the latter, which shirts in 122 dB and uses an integrated psychoacoustic processor to improve the bass encounter. I will only say that tags be damned; I enjoy the outside setting the majority of the time no matter where I am using it.

Alongside the knobs, all you will find are a style status light and 2 vents. One is a DC charging input signal, which you may use to either charge the battery whenever it’s installed or, if you have to, you may use it in order to run the speaker with no battery – but you still won’t find maximum quantity such a manner. Using a hardwired input signal, you will find a little more volume and better quality sound than Bluetooth buffering. If you get the optional Proboks attachment, then you will have the ability to use many inputs and enlarge the sound to pay around six Soundboks speakers. They even have high hat cutouts from the bottoms so that you may mount up them on racks.

Just how does this sound? If you are a high-definition audio enthusiast, then the Soundboks might not be the best option, but the electronic signal processing and also psycho-acoustic bass tweaks make it an excellent wireless speaker using beefy output. I had a couple of friends over another day, and we had been listening to music onto a JBL Connect 300, and it is a multifunctional network speaker using adequate bass, akin to this UE Megaboom’s audio. Then I switched over to the Sounboks 2 and inadvertently sparked a kitchen dance off that went on for over one hour. It is good to have something like this about to nudge things a few notches higher than your typical Bluetooth or system speaker could pull away. I only hope you are tight with all the neighbors.

When you compare the Sounboks 2 to powered loudspeakers like the ones from brands such as JBL and Mackie, it is close, but not really the same. Those have a much greater volume threshold and seldom encourage a Bluetooth connection. To get a battery powered mobile, the Soundboks is really the next best thing. Plus you receive two 10-inch woofers in 1 box in which powered versions are usually a solitary unit.

I didn’t have an opportunity to play with the Sounboks 2 at total volume for over half an hour at one time, but did play with it at moderate volume in 1 go for more than five hours and left it powered on overnight. After a couple of weeks of irregular use, I still have a 20 percent fee left. The promise that this speaker may operate for eight hours at full volume looks like a real chance, and if you are running low volume levels, charging might be a rare bi-weekly event.

Connectivity-wise, I had some difficulties with both OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 5 smartphones. To tell the truth, I also had difficulty connecting to some UE Megaboom speaker on these phones. I checked several different apparatus such as an iPhone 6 and Moto Z2 Force together with all the Soundboks, but did not suffer the very same troubles. They discovered the device fast in accessible Bluetooth devices, remained connected without difficulty and had adequate variety, such as a walk into the next floor about 50 ft away. The business chose to get a Bluetooth 3.0 module from the Soundboks to be able to side-step any problems as a result of metal grate shielding the front of the speaker, that has been a must-have for durability.

At about 32 lbs, this item can find a little heavy if you are carrying it a couple of blocks. However, you can strap it into a little hand cart – or even the backpack mount attachment out of Soundboks – and take it everywhere. My usage of mobile this is subjective. The handles make it easy to carry, and it is rough-and-tumble sufficient to haul around, but do not expect to pop up this on your shoulder too frequently.

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