Specifications Xiaomi Mi 7: what to expect from the new flagship

In contrast to the design, the characteristics of the Xiaomi Mi 7 are to some extent predictable. Already, there are several interesting leaks, which describe the parameters and capabilities of the future flagship from the Middle Kingdom.

Xiaomi Mi 7

It is expected that the smartphone will be presented during the international exhibition WMC 2018 in Barcelona (February 26 – March 1), unless the situation repeats this year, when due to delays in the supply of Qualcomm had to postpone the announcement of the “six”.


No need to be a prophet to guess that the “brain” of Xiaomi Mi 7 will be a mobile processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, whose prototypes are already being tested. Own chips Xiaomi type Pinecone are far from perfect and are not suitable for creating top products.

As for the Snapdragon 845 itself, this chipset will be manufactured using a new 7-nanometer process and will receive custom Kryo kernels of a new generation. The latter allegedly will be able to compete even with Apple A11 (“apple” chips are traditionally strong in single-core computing).


The capacity of RAM of Xiaomi Mi 7 should be increased to 8 GB from the current 6 GB, but the amount of built-in flash memory in the basic version will remain the same – 64 GB. Despite the lack of a slot for a microSD memory card, most will be enough for this amount.

And for those who want to hammer the memory of the smartphone “under the string,” will be released modification with a drive of 128 GB or even (which is not excluded) 256 GB.


According to one of the Chinese leaks, the matrix for the screen Xiaomi Mi 7 will produce Samsung Display. We are talking about flexible displays AMOLED from the Korean giant, which is even more interesting. This may well mean that Xiaomi wants to experiment with curved screens.

A separate issue is the resolution of the Xiaomi Mi 7 display. Until now, the company was not in a hurry to increase the clarity of the picture and was satisfied with Full HD displays even in the case of flagship models. It is likely that the next flagship can still boast a QHD matrix of 1440 × 2560 pixels or even QHD +.


Built-in the Snapdragon 845 chipset, the Qualcomm X20 modem will allow the future Xiaomi Mi 7 to connect to 4G LTE Category 18 networks, which promises an incredible download speed of up to 1.2Gbps. Actually, we are not even talking about 4G, but about 4.5G – a transitional version to 5G (up to 20 Gbit / s).


Despite the fact that the Xiaomi Mi 6 is already one of the best among smartphones, an even better solution will be developed for the Xiaomi Mi 7. It assumes the use of two 16-megapixel sensors with optical image stabilization and a 5x optical zoom.

A front-facing smartphone camera can also become dual and get support for 3D face scans.

Other moments

It is not yet known how Xiaomi plans to implement a fingerprint scanner. With a frameless screen design, there is a desire to embed it in the screen, but so far none of the manufacturers of smartphones offered for a working solution. It is likely that eventually dactyloscopic sensor in Xiaomi Mi 7 “will move” to the rear side.

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