Spy review of Meizu M6 Note: what should we prepare for this time?

Presentation of the new “two-chamber” Meizu M6 Note is scheduled for August 23 this year. However, we already have a large selection of insider data on how the smartphone of the Chinese company will be.

Meizu M6 Note

It is noteworthy that the announcement of Meizu M6 Note should take place one day with the top Galaxy Note 8 from Samsung. Apparently, in this way the manufacturer wants to present its novelty as an inexpensive alternative to the Korean flagship.

Of course, Meizu M6 Note is not in any way a direct competitor. Note 8: they are too different. Nevertheless, many just need a reliable and fast enough smartphone with a large screen and an excellent camera. And with these criteria, the new Meizu corresponds to 100%.

Meizu M6 Note

Key Chips Meizu M6 Note

Excellent for the model of the middle price range is a dual main camera, which has the closest to reality color rendering, good depth of field and quick focus.

  • A particularly powerful flash on four (!) LEDs.
  • The battery is very good capacity – 4000 mAh.
  • Comparatively compact size (Meizu directly opposes in this regard its novelty Apple iPhone 7 Plus).
  • Protection IP67 / 68 against water and dust (assumed).
  • And, of course, very price-friendly price tag: you can buy Meizu M6 Note in China for only 1599 yuan (about 240 US dollars).

What does it have inside?

Meizu M6 Note is based on a fairly common in the vendors from the Celestial eight-platform MediaTek Helio P25. Some will start at this point to turn their noses: “again, not Qualcomm.” In fact, the Helio P25 is a very successful solution, which offers excellent performance for very little money.

The smartphone is planned for release in two versions – 3 Gb RAM + 32 Gb Flash and 4 Gb RAM + 64 Gb Flash. Other differences besides memory are not expected. Unlike the “older” Pro series, the new Meizu M6 Note will retain the support for MicroSD memory cards, which is a significant advantage.

Meizu M6 Note

The Meizu M6 Note screen is based on a 5.5-inch IPS matrix with a FullHD resolution of 1080 × 1920 pixels. If to compare with the “flagship” Pro 7, then the available display plane is actually slightly less than the declared values. The side frames are present, however, rather thin.

The device supports 4G LTE Category 6 networks (download speed of data up to 300 Mbit / s, transmission – 50 Mbit / s) and installation of two SIM-cards. Otherwise, we can say that the M6 ​​Note has a “gentlemanly” set of communication capabilities for a modern smartphone. But NFC and FM-radio there.

As already mentioned above, the Meizu M6 Note battery has a capacity of 4000 mAh. For fast charging meets the own development of mCharge 3.0. Also the device boasts a multifunctional touch button mTouch with built-in fingerprint scanner.

Main camera

Meizu M6 Note – the second smartphone with a dual camera. The design is very different from the “professional seven”. In particular, the lenses are positioned vertically in the middle, with the second module responding purely for measuring the depth of space. The main one is 13-megapixel.

In the demonstration clip (click on the picture above), the manufacturer promises that the Meizu M6 Note camera will have a faster focus than even the Apple iPhone 7 Plus itself. About this experts say, however, doubts. Nevertheless, the test images taken on the main camera Meizu M6 Note look quite impressive. It is clear that we are talking about almost ideal conditions: bright natural daylight.

You cannot also fail to note the powerful flash, which includes as many as 4 LEDs. Steeper will only last year’s Meizu Pro 6, which has a circular flash on six LED-elements.


In our opinion, Meizu M6 Note is an excellent alternative to the minimal modification of Pro 7 based on the same Helio P25. Yes, it does not have such an impressive design and there is no proprietary additional screen at the back, but it costs almost twice as cheaply and works significantly longer from one charge.

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