Stylus S Pen for Samsung Galaxy Note 8 lit up on the photo in the network

Stylus S Pen for the future of the flagship Samsung Galaxy Note 8 for the first time lit up in the network on the photo, which published by some source. But the smartphone itself is not shown.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

The design itself has not changed much since the time of Galaxy Note 5: the stylus is completely placed in the hole intended for it and fixed there. To remove, press the button at the top.

The principle of operation with a probability of 100% is the same as that of its predecessors. Early some publications promised the appearance of a new ultrasonic stylus Pen, but they are most likely not true.

However, it is quite possible that Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will add support for new smartphone management functions with the stylus. It is also expected to increase the sensitivity of the pen and more accurate recognition of the force of pressing.

At the moment, Samsung is the only manufacturer of smartphones with special styluses. There are also several models from LG and some Chinese manufacturers, where the usual “rubber band” for the capacitive screen is used.

It should be noted that Samsung Galaxy Note 8 comes with one stylus. If you suddenly lose, you will need to buy a new one. And since this is not just a stick with an electrostatic rubber band on the end, prepare to lay out the denunciator.

In general, if you do not use the pen for a long time, the smartphone gives the appropriate signal, informing its owner that you need to return the accessory to the site in order not to lose it.

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