Swiss Alp Watch Zzzz: A clone of Apple Watch

The Swiss watch manufacturer H. Moser has surprised us with the launch of a clone of Apple Watch – Swiss Alp Watch Zzzz that is not a smartwatch but a totally traditional mechanical watch. This means that it has no touch screen and cannot run specific applications, it just gives the time.

Swiss Alp Watch Zzzz

If you thought that this was going to have positive effects on the price you have certainly been wrong, although the title already warns of it. H. Moser has built this watch as a very limited edition of which will only be marketed 20 units and that is something that has obviously influenced the price.

The watch, called Swiss Alp Watch Zzzz, uses the kinetic energy produced by the manual movement of its traditional “rope” system to operate, so that it does not require any type of battery change and also offers up to 4 days.

Exact price of Swiss Alp Watch Zzzz starts at $ 26,900, a figure that the manufacturer justifies in the design, exclusivity and quality of the materials they have used. These include the strap finished in genuine leather, white gold dial and the use of sapphire crystal.

Swiss Alp Watch Zzzz

The manufacturer has confirmed the launch of two versions, one with finished sphere in black and the other in blue. Both will have as we said a roll of 20 units and a truly prohibitive price.

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