The announcement of Apple iPhone 8 can still take place in the usual terms

This week there were a lot of publications claiming that the announcement of Apple iPhone 8 will still take place in September 2017 and will not be postponed to a later date, as expected earlier.

Apple iPhone 8

Such a conclusion was made after insider Steve Hemmerstoffer, a Twitter account manager for @OnLeaks, said that the production of the eighth apple phone had already started, and the release was started strictly according to the planned schedule.

Thus, no delays either with the presentation of Apple iPhone 8, nor with the launch of sales should not be. However, there have been no official comments from Cupertino on this score, and one can only believe the insider with great caution.

Experts have proposed a method of verifying information of the insider: if the production of Apple iPhone 8 is started, then the smartphone has overcome the stage of the prototype and in the near future we are waiting for a real flurry of leaks. In this case, they will report the same in most cases.

And now suppose that @OnLeaks is still right. This means that all competitors will have this fall very hard. Especially Samsung, which will lose overnight the exclusive features of its flagships:

  • A large screenless OLED screen will now also have an Apple iPhone 8. It is interesting that the resolution is very unusual – 2436 at 1125 pixels.
  • Also, the new “Apple” will have a function of fast wireless charging.
  • And it can also recognize faces.

In this case, the Apple iPhone 8 will have a number of unique chips that are not yet available to rivals:

  • Powerful CPU Apple A11 in combination with the ideal optimization of the bundle of hardware and software. Up to now, Cupertino has been developing processors for smartphones better than all others.
  • Record video in 4K UltraHD resolution at a rate of 60 frames per second.
  • Freeze Motion mode, it is also a freeze-frame for shooting fast-moving objects.
  • Screen Apple iPhone 8 occupies the largest percentage of the frontal surface compared to other “frameless.”
  • Built-in right into the screen of the fingerprint scanner (probably).

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