The first “live” photos of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and the stylus S-Pen

The network has the first real photos of Samsung Galaxy Note 8, which allow you to view the new flagship in sufficient detail. In principle, we did not see any miracles: everything was already known for at least a couple of weeks.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

First, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 really got a dual main camera, which makes it the first such smartphone from Samsung. The lenses in the photo look different, which indicates the presence of a hardware zoom (three times is assumed).

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Secondly, the scanner of fingerprints from the eighth Note did not fit to be embedded in the screen. Therefore, it is located on the back side to the right of the camera.

Thirdly, the device received a large extended screen Infinity Display with curved sides. However, the radius of the bend is not as large as the size of the Galaxy S8 Plus.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

As for the stylus S-Pen, then in the photo it is also present. In principle, compared with last year’s Galaxy Note 7 no noticeable changes. It is expected that the slot for the stylus will receive additional protection from an accidental attempt to insert it with the wrong end.

Recall that the presentation of a new stylus tablet Samsung Galaxy Note 8 from Samsung is scheduled for August 23. In fact, the novelty opens the autumn “parade of flagships” and outstrips competitors by a step (although in terms of the date of entry to the market, things are not going smoothly).

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