The flagship Microsoft Lumia 960 from Microsoft: Features

Microsoft has always flirted with the idea of ​​having their own mobile ecosystem and the hardware to run it. On the first hand-held devices it was installed individual version of Windows, but Microsoft wanted more, hence, the deal with Nokia.

Microsoft Lumia 960

Unfortunately, the business of smartphones Settings in Microsoft (and plans) is now a little uncertain. If you believe the latest reports, the company operating in Redmond, not yet abandoned the Windows Phone, but soon it will not start any new smartphones.

We know that Microsoft, a big brand in the IT world has always presented a very good range of Windows smartphones, because of which Nokia’s mobile sale ended somewhere.

One of the leaders, who have never seen the light, the Microsoft Lumia 960 has reached the prototype status. Last week we already showed you some photos of the phone, but it looks like someone has just posted some pictures unpublished Microsoft Lumia 960.

As we said, pictures of this new model are leaked and looks fabulous but display can-not be seen in the images. If we talk about specs of the smartphone, which are not clear yet.

But it will be equipped with a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 HD and it will surely have large display and rumors are there about camera as well which says it can have 20 megapixel rear cam and 8 MP front cam. This was all about Microsoft Lumia 960 so far.

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