The main camera LG V30 will receive the best optics among smartphones

Official sources of the company confirmed that the main camera LG V30 will be the best among smartphones at the time of the release of the new flagship in late August 2017. First of all, this is due to the use of the original luminous optics.

LG V30

Unlike the companies Huawei and HMD Global (which now owns the Nokia brand), LG decided to create lenses for the LG V30 camera on its own. This development was called LG Crystal Clear Lens. Unlike competitors, glass is used here, not plastic.

The aperture value of LG V30 main camera will be only f / 1.6 that is its optics will have the best light output. For comparison, the current leader in this parameter Samsung Galaxy S8 aperture – f / 1.7, but in this case, the camera is single.

Most likely, a high-speed lens is equipped with the main wide-angle camera module, and the “telephoto” will have a slightly more modest value due to the larger focal length. At the same time the dimensions of the camera have decreased by 30% compared to last year’s LG V20.

In addition to the best luminous efficiency, the LG Crystal Clear Lens optics can boast a lower level of distortion such as distortion and chromatic aberration, as well as a lesser influence on color reproduction (as is known, each lens has its own “handwriting”).

There is only one question: what sensors are chosen for LG V30. It is known that the main camera will have hybrid autofocus (phase + laser), combined image stabilization (optical + electronic) and sufficiently high matrix sensitivity to take good pictures in poor light conditions.

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