The Moto G5S has not been released, will it be launched?

The Moto Z2 Force, a new high-end smartphone, has officially launched. However, it has not presented the new Moto G5S that seemed to be launched, a new version of the mid-range mobile. Will it be launched? Probably yes, but when?

Moto G5S

The Moto G5S has not officially launched although it had been stated that the mobile would launch this July 25th. The new Moto G5S and Moto G5S Plus were to be launched. However, none of these two smartphones have been introduced, and the logical thing is that they will no longer be introduced, at least until the middle of August. The Moto Z2 Force was introduced yesterday, and if the Moto G5S, which are also the best-selling mobile phones in the market, have not been presented, they will not be presented until a future release that is relevant.

Why have not the Moto G5S been launched?

The launch of the Moto G5S will result in the Moto G5 no longer being sold almost. And it is possible that the Moto G5 are now selling better than when they were launched. That’s why finally the Moto G5S will not be launched in July, so that Moto G5 continue to sell until the launch of the new version of the mid-range mobile.

Next year, in 2018, the new version of these mid-range phones will not launch in January, but would probably arrive in March or April. If the goal is to launch two mid-range mobiles every year, they can still launch in September or October.

Launch at IFA 2017

In fact, if the Moto G5S have not been launched today, it is very likely that the new smartphones will be launched at IFA 2017 in September. In fact, the IFA 2017 begins on September 1, and it is possible that on August 31 will be presented the new mobiles to be launched at the event of the German city.

It would be quite logical that the Moto G5S will be launched at IFA 2017. Many smartphone manufacturers launch a relevant mobile in the event of the German city, even if they launch the flagship in an event of their own. For example, it is very likely that Samsung launches the Samsung Gear S4, the new smart watch.

And the Moto G5S could be some of the best mobiles to be presented at IFA 2017 for the great value for money they have.

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