The price of Apple iPhone 8 should reach a level of $ 1000

According to experts, the price of Apple iPhone 8 promises to reach the bar in 1000 US dollars, and it is only a “start” modification with 32 GB of built-in flash memory. And the cost of the “advanced” iPhone 8 256 GB may be 1300-1400 USD.

Apple iPhone 8

In principle, in order to forecast such a scenario, you do not need to be an analyst in the field of mobile technology with decent experience. Just look at Samsung with its Galaxy S8, which is significantly more expensive than its predecessors.

But if the Koreans added value to the introduction of the new large screen Infinity display, then in the case of the Apple iPhone 8 will have to introduce much more new for Apple solutions compared to the iPhone 7:

  • Large frameless display
  • Fast wireless charging
  • Additional reality (Apple has long threatened to do this)
  • Built-in right-to-screen fingerprint reader scanner
  • Face recognition and, possibly, the iris scanner
  • Placement of a dual main camera in a compact package
  • New case with metal frame and glass back cover

This means additional costs for the creation and / or purchase of electronic components, the development of appropriate system software, testing and debugging of the final product. So the cost of the Apple iPhone 8 in any case will be higher than the iPhone 7 and even 7S.

Price Apple iPhone 8 in the US

We assume that Apple’s recommended price of the iPhone 8 for the US market is $ 999 (so that you do not cross the psychological barrier of $ 1000) for a version with a minimum amount of memory. This, of course, in the case of buying a smartphone without a contract with a mobile operator.

In general, it is not yet known when Apple plans to introduce its new iPhone with a large screen. Almost every day in the press there are publications that in September this year, Apple iPhone 8 will not be accurately presented, so you need to navigate in October-November or even at the beginning of 2018.

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