The price of LG V30 in US according to insiders

According to insiders, the price of LG V30 at the time of the start of sales will be about 700 US dollars for the US market. Thus, the novelty will become one of the most accessible “brand” flagships in the market.

LG V30

It is also rumored that the base version of the LG V30, which has 4 GB of RAM, will cost only $ 600, which can make the top managers of another Korean smartphone maker – Samsung with its Galaxy S8 – be nervous.

About what will be the price of LG V30 in South Korea and European countries – has not yet been reported. However, with respect to the EU, forecasting the cost is quite simple – just change the US dollar price for the euro in the US dollar.

A separate question is whether LG’s new flagship will officially appear in Europe, or, like last year’s LG V20, it will have to be imported from different countries in different “sly ways” (in Europe, the V20 was also not sold).

Judging by LG G6, the manufacturer is not particularly interested in few markets now, that’s why prices are higher than in the “first world” countries, but slightly lower than the main competitor in the Samsung line.

As expected, the new LG V30 will be very different from its predecessor: an additional screen will become the property of the story (still it was not very much in demand), and the smartphone itself will significantly decrease in size (but the display will remain 5.7-inch).

Generally speaking, the LG V30 is LG G6 with a modern flagship “stuffing”.

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