The Samsung Gear S4 could be presented at IFA 2017

Already introduced the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Samsung could introduce a new smart watch in the IFA 2017. It is clear that the new smartphone will not be presented at the event of the city of Berlin. However, the new Samsung Gear S4 yes could be presented at the IFA 2017.

Samsung Gear S4

The Samsung Gear S4 could be presented at IFA 2017. Initially we believed that the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 could be presented at IFA 2017 at the event being held in the city of Berlin, Germany. However, it was officially presented yesterday, so it will no longer be presented at IFA 2017, and although it is possible that the smartphone is present at the event, the fact is that it will not be the presentation of Samsung in IFA 2017.

It will be the Samsung Gear S4 which would be presented at IFA 2017. The new smart watch would rival the new Apple Watch.

The new Samsung Gear S4 would be a smart clock of high level, and although the technical characteristics with which the smartphone would have been confirmed, the most probable thing is that it is a clock that can be even autonomous, in which it is possible to install A SIM card, to be able to make calls and be able to connect to the Internet from the clock itself without having to connect to a smartphone.

It will not be a basic range or cheap price, because in that case the most likely thing is that the smart watch is not sold very well. In fact, smart watches do not seem to have been very successful.

But considering that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is a smartphone with a price of about 1,180 dollars, it seems logical that a user who buys such an expensive phone, can also buy an expensive smart watch. In fact, they are more likely to want to buy an expensive smart watch, an economically priced smart watch.

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