There's more about Samsung DDR4 2nd generation RAM at 10NM

There’s more about Samsung DDR4 2nd generation RAM at 10NM

The South Korean giant has started the production phase of its second generation DDR4 memory in the process of 10 nm, an important advance that is currently limited to its 8 Gb (gigabit) memory chips.

Samsung has confirmed that its second-generation DDR4 memory manages to offer higher energy efficiency and superior performance, but from the production point of view also introduces significant improvements that could help achieve a gradual stabilization of the prices of this component, if only partial.

There's more about Samsung DDR4 2nd generation RAM at 10NM

As you know, those who read us usually, the prices of RAM have skyrocketed during the last few months and not only do they show no signs of normalization, but there have also been peaks that have multiplied by more than two the cost some products had. Barely a year.

With the jump to second-generation DDR4 memory, Samsung claims to have achieved a productive improvement of 30 %, which means that it should obtain a higher rate of functional chips per wafer and that therefore it should improve supply in the short and medium term.

We will have to see what effects it ends up having on the channel, whereas we anticipated the prices of the DDR4 kits had reached ridiculous levels, but in any case, it is a positive advance regarding energy efficiency and performance.

In theory, these new DDR4 memories can reduce consumption by 15% or improve performance by 10 %, thanks to the increase in the working frequency from 3.2 GHz to 3.6 GHz.

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