This is the surprise that could hide the Apple iPhone 7S

Just a few weeks to the expected presentation of the new Apple iPhone, the surely called iPhone 8 (name still unconfirmed). But that day we will not only know the new smartphone with which the company of the apple will celebrate its tenth anniversary, but also two other models: the Apple iPhone 7S and the iPhone 7S Plus.

Apple iPhone 7S

Precisely on these two terminals we get latest news. While we expected it to have the same design, the same features and updates as its predecessor, the iPhone 7 – following Apple’s policy – in the last few hours we have heard important news about them and it seems that it will not be as we expected.

The most surprising change of the iPhone 7S would be glass back to the purest style iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, and that would replace the aluminum using the current versions. If this rumor is confirmed, it would be closer to one of the great novelties: the induction wireless charge on iPhone – in which apparently the Cupertino boys have been working for some time. This will allow us to place our terminal on a charging platform to recharge the battery, and it will not be necessary to use the cables.

And not only that, if the back of the Apple iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus was made of glass, its thickness would be slightly increased. An increase in size that reminds us of the one that took place with the iPhone 6S, which was 0.2 mm bigger than its predecessor to have the 3D Touch function and be the screen pressure sensitive.

Apple iPhone 7S

Returning to the dimensions of the Apple iPhone 7S, the document filtering reveals that this terminal will measure 138.44 mm x 67.27 mm x 7.21 mm versus 138.31 mm x 67.14 mm x 7.1 mm (height x width x thickness).

The most direct consequence of the rear glass is that the camera of the iPhone 7S will be narrower and will surpass approximately 0.25 mm less than the iPhone 7; but do not worry because you can continue to use your favorite cases.

As for the colors of the new Apple models, the information is confusing. If until now, we thought that it will have several colors among them the mirror, the latest information indicates that there will be only three: black, silver and gold.

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