Toshiba AL15SE 2.4 TB HDD with 10,500 RPM- Revealed

Toshiba AL15SE 2.4 TB HDD with 10,500 RPM: Revealed

Although SSDs are becoming increasingly popular, and high-capacity, high-performance hard drives remain very attractive solutions for both the general consumer market and the professional market, a situation that manufacturers like Toshiba have taken advantage of.

Toshiba AL15SE 2.4 TB HDD with 10,500 RPM- Revealed

In this regard, the Japanese company has given another twist with the announcement of its new series AL15SE, a line of hard drives of 2.4 TB (maximum capacity) and 10,500 RPM (revolutions per minute) that marks an increase in capacity of the 33% against the previous series (AL14SE).

The capacity of the base model is 300 GB but as we said the top of the range reaches 2,400 GB (2.4 TB). All versions have 128 MB of cache memory to improve performance and reduce latency (which is 2.86 ms) and use the 12 Gbps SAS interface.

As far as the gross performance is concerned, the 300 GB model reaches 222.5 MB / s, while the superior models are a little higher with maximums of up to 234 MB / s, quite good figures considering that we are talking about mechanical units.

Toshiba has confirmed that it does not intend to renew its series of 15,000 RPM hard drives, a decision that they justify under the argument that at that level they have been long overtaken by SSDs and therefore do not make much sense.

We do not have the official prices of this new Toshiba AL15SE series HDD, but in principle, they are mainly aimed at the professional sector and for benefits should be more expensive than 7,200 RPM models with the same level of capacity.

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