Vertu Signature Cobra: Rumors about Price

The luxury mobile phone market has given us many surprises thanks to the presentation of rarities like this Nokia 3310, although we must recognize that Vertu has made merits to raise the bar with the Vertu Signature Cobra.

As we can see in the images is a traditional mobile phone (at least for benefits) that comes with a unique design, thanks especially to that large snake that decorates the entire front of this beautiful Vertu Signature Cobra.

Vertu Signature Cobra

This design has been run by Boucheron, a French firm dedicated to the world of jewelry that has assembled a total of 439 rubies in the Vertu Signature Cobra. The eyes of the serpent are two carved emeralds and we also see two diamonds on the front.

To complete the set of luxury materials the Vertu Signature Cobra has been finished in gold and has leather on the sides to convey a feeling of high quality in the grip.

An example of luxury and ostentation over functionality and performance in a terminal that however will have a very limited distribution, as we have been able to confirm that only 8 units will be marketed worldwide.

The unit price will be of 360,000 dollars, at least in China after making a direct conversion to the current change. A very high cost, although we have seen much more expensive terminals that have also been personalized with gold and precious stones, such as an iPhone 5 topped with diamonds that sold for 15.3 million dollars.

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