Waiting for HP Elite x4: Are there prospects for Windows for smartphones?

In September, the HP Elite x4 – the new top-end smartphone based on Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 and Windows 10 Mobile – can show at the international exhibition IFA-2017 in Berlin. And may not show, given the extremely low popularity of mobile devices running this OS.

In the past year, the previous HP Elite x3 was actually the only popular-type flagship smartphone on Windows 10, and it still remains in fact. However, any competitor comparable to the specifications on Android is sold much better.

HP Elite x4

A peculiar, little-popular and not very convenient platform can put an end to the future of HP Elite x4. Yes, it should be able to run Windows x86 and x86-64 applications in Continuum mode when connected to a monitor or TV, but in practice it is not in demand by many.

The market already has a Galaxy S8, which with the help of the proprietary docking station Samsung DeX can be turned into a nearly full-fledged PC running Linux with a special shell and the ability to run any applications for Android. And there is a quite good set of preinstalled programs for the office.

In addition, even if the release date of HP Elite x4 will not be postponed for a very late period or not canceled, the flagship based on Windows 10 Mobile promises to be very “toothy” even against the backdrop of its non-expensive competitors from the camp of “greenbacks” – about 1000 US dollars .

There are also rumors that HP can choose a less powerful mobile processor for Elite x4 to make it cheaper – Snapdragon 617 or Snapdragon 660. However, in this case, its exclusivity is lost, as well as the chip in the form of running applications for full-fledged Windows.

Also rumors are attributed to HP Elite x4 dual main camera 16 Mp + 16 Mp with optical triple zoom, 4-6 Gb of RAM, built-in storage capacity of 64-128 Gb, large 6-inch screen with QHD resolution of 1440 × 2560 pixels, iris scan Eyes (already have a x3) and a battery of about 4500 mAh.

Should I wait for the HP Elite x4 to come out or not? In our opinion, due to the uncertainty of the future of the smartphone, it is now better to buy the Galaxy S8 / S8 Edge from Samsung and the DeX docking station to it if you need a smartphone-transformer that can turn into a PC.

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