WD RED 10TB hard drive: Features, Release Date and Price

The NAS-optimized hard drive series, WD RED, has a new model that advances up to 10 Tbytes of storage capacity, the largest available in the industry till now: WD RED 10TB.


A perfect model for NAS, one of the most interesting storage systems by adding the advantages of a simple external hard disk connected to a USB port and also of a cloud service like Dropbox or Google Drive, but without delivering the data to an external company.

An external storage system connected to the local network that can be accessed by all devices connected to it, (PCs, smartphones or tablets …) regardless of the operating system they use. As we saw in our latest NAS guide, WD RED 10TB is a system suitable for both large companies and a home that requires advanced and centralized storage.

It depends on the size, of course, and that’s where this WD RED 10TB stands out, which not only improves in capacity, but in technology by using the third generation of helium technology, which replaces the air inside the disc by this gas, to reduce drastically the friction and the resistance thanks to a density seven times smaller. The result is lower temperature, noise and consumption, values ​​appreciated on a hard drive for NAS.

WD RED 10TB has a three year warranty and there is a WD RED Pro 10TB version with a five year warranty. Like the rest of the series, they include NASware 2.0 technology that improves the reliability of the drive and protects customer data in the event of a loss or power outage. Its official price is $ 494 and $ 533 respectively, and will be available in early June.

Western Digital also offers lower capacities, from 2 Tbytes, priced in environments of 100 euros and very suitable to mount a home NAS. If you are going to ride one, make sure the maximum capacity of the same.

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