Why Apple slows down old iPhones?

Why Apple slows down old iPhones?

Does your iPhone seem slower and slower? Relax, you’re not crazy. Apple says it’s as normal as life itself. Your grandfather is slower than your father, and he is slower than you. As a general rule, that there is everything in the vineyard of the Lord.

Apple iPhone 7S

Apple has issued a statement as curious as usual when users discover a problem in some of their products. Last week, a report by Primate Labs (the company behind the Geekbench benchmark) said in its blog that the processors of the iPhones were slowing down as the batteries accumulated months of use and were losing their original capacity.

Apple recognizes that it is a deliberate technique to ” protect its electronic components, preventing terminals from unexpectedly closing at high power peaks and with certain battery conditions,” when they are very cold or when they are worn by the use or step weather.

Apple says that last year had launched in the new iOS a function for iPhone 6, iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s in order to avoid such problems. With iOS 11.2 it has extended that feature for the iPhone 7 and “intends to add support for other products in the future. “

IPhones users have been complaining about this loss of performance, which is occurring when new models arrive on the market. Chance? Some users consider that it is a tactic of Apple (and other technology companies) to encourage the purchase of new models.

Not to mention the replacement of iPhones batteries whose latest generations are integrated and you can get a good scare with the bill. In this regard, last week we talked about the performance improvement observed in iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s after the installation of a new battery.

Apple has always denied that it is something ‘programmed or planned’ to sell new phones and explains this problem (and others) for ‘technical’ reasons. Law of life, your iPhone gets old with time.

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