Windows 10 Creators Update Bloatware Free Edition

Windows 10 Creators Update Bloatware Free Edition has a new version and may interest the user to look for a Windows as “clean” and light as possible.

Windows 10 Creators Update Bloatware Free Edition is a customized version of Windows 10 prepared based on the latest version, Creators Update. As its name suggests, it specializes in eliminating Bloatware, inflated software with the “punish” us both computer manufacturers and Microsoft, with unnecessary software that we have not asked or need, which penalizes the performance of the same and sometimes affects even the security.

Windows 10 Creators Update Bloatware Free Edition

The version goes beyond eliminating external bloatware because it also cleans many apps from the same Microsoft. In fact, all Windows Store installed except Notes, Xbox and OneDrive. It also removes Home Group (although like the rest of apps can be installed later), the assistant Cortana, Edge, Defender and the typical components of telemetry. By contrast, it adds components like DirectX 9.0, .NET Framework 3.5 or Windows 7 calculator.

Windows 10 Creators Update Bloatware Free Edition includes Windows 10 versions upgraded through May 9 with the latest cumulative security patches. It offers ISO images of the “Home” and “Pro” versions of the system and allows a clean installation (from scratch) of the system. They explain the method of creation of the medium with Macrium Reflect, but you can create it with your favorite soft, Rufus type, which is the most we like especially if we install the operating system on machines with UEFI.

After installing, we will need the Microsoft activation servers to recognize the computer and validate the system or do it manually from the Configuration tool> Update and Security> Activation> Change Product Key.

It should be noted that this custom version (like any of the unofficial ones you can find on the Internet) does not have any official support from Microsoft and each user must use it under his responsibility. It is not recommended to install on equipment intended for production for the same reasons.

As in the case of custom versions, you will have to activate the software once installed.

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