Windows 10 S: Review and Features

Microsoft has officially announced a new version of the Windows 10 operating system S, which in previous leaks appeared as Windows 10 Cloud. It focuses on the use of budget devices, designed to compete with laptops Google Chromebook. The main scope of these devices, Microsoft sees education.

Windows 10 S

Operating System Windows 10 S has been optimized compared to the Windows version of the base 10. It consumes fewer system resources and loads faster. After turning on, the user authentication is performed after 15 seconds.

Another improvement is the ability to configure computers using USB-drive with pre-set parameters. Windows 10 S simply determine the key and set all the settings necessary for the school.

At the same time, the new operating system supports a variety of peripherals and devices, as well as the regular version of Windows 10. The basic system is a browser Edge, but Windows 10 S allows you to run any browser, available in the Windows Store. It is noted that all of the applications that are downloaded from the Windows Store, you can run on Windows 10 S.

As for the desktop applications, then they also can run on devices with the new OS, but for this they need to be properly packaged and presented in the store. Microsoft has added the Office suite in the Windows Store, and in the future the list of desktop applications offered will be expanded.

In the summer of this year the market will see the first devices with Windows 10 S from Microsoft partners. The price of such solutions will start at $ 189. In this case, customers will be given a free annual subscription to Minecraft: Education Edition. Schools using computers running Windows 10 Pro, will be able to get free Windows 10 S, including Office 365 Education with Microsoft Teams.

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