Wireless charging for Apple iPhone 8 confirmed by insiders

And still, the wireless charging of the Apple iPhone 8 will be! In favor of the availability of the future “apple-apple”, this option was expressed by the source, where they published a photo of the necessary for this induction coil.

Apple iPhone 8

Texas Instruments became the exclusive supplier of these components. The operating voltage of the coil is 5-12 V, the output current is 0.6-2 A, the output power is 5-10 W, the efficiency is from 70 to 85%. Thus, you can talk about the availability of fast wireless charging for the Apple iPhone 8.

Judging by the inscription on the reel, Apple iPhone 8 will support, like the Samsung Galaxy S8, two standards of wireless chargers: Qi and WPC. Currently, the world’s most common is the first, but in the US for a number of reasons more often you can find the second.

It is worth noting that the transition through the iPhone 8 wireless charging can finally “go to the masses.” Until now, Apple, on the contrary, has held back progress in this direction due to the introduction in 2014 of the fashion for fully metal enclosures. Although everything could happen three years ago.

Apple iPhone 8

Despite the availability of components, most smartphone manufacturers are not in a hurry to follow the example of Samsung. In some cases (for example, Blackview BV6000 ) the induction reel of wireless charging can be bought and put on its own, however this option is exclusive for “geeks”.

By the way, we have not yet seen the most interesting – Apple’s branded wireless charging adapter. It is unlikely that in Cupertino will give this field entirely and “at the mercy of” third-party vendors, especially since there is a good chance to earn even more money.

Despite such encouraging news regarding wireless charging, there is still no certainty about the release date of the Apple iPhone 8 in the market. Practically all insiders and experts agree that in Cupertino they do not have time to “bring to mind” their innovative product in the specified terms.

So either the presentation of the new apple phone will be postponed at the end of 2017, or in September it will still be shown along with the iPhone 7S and 7S Plus, and it will go on sale in a month or even two.

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