Xiaomi electric cigarette A & D: Review & Specs

Xiaomi electric cigarette A & D: Review & Specs

On the Xiaomi crowdfunding site, a project for a secure electronic cigarette A & D e-Cigarette has appeared, which instead of nicotine contains vitamins and beneficial microelements.

Xiaomi electric cigarette A & D: Review & Specs

A disposable electronic cigarette A & D e-Cigarette is made in the form of a small tube 12 cm in length and 1 cm in diameter. The body is made of metal, and inside it is placed a volatile liquid and a heating element. The developers report that together with the steam the body will receive vitamins A, B6, B12, C and E, collagen protein and coenzyme Q10.

We believe that this is a good solution for saturation of the body with useful substances: Inhalation is a time-tested way of introducing substances into the human body. Even surprisingly, such a thought on the surface, as the inclusion of useful substances in the “slime” has not yet come to large companies.

However, the question remains about the rest of the liquid in the A & D e-Cigarette cigarette – it is not disclosed. The usual liquid for “wipe” consists of propylene glycol, glycerin, and flavors. There are still disputes about the dangers of non-nicotine evaporation because there were no scientific studies that would confirm or refute this fact. So it’s impossible to name this cigarette completely useful.

The cost of one cigarette is 30 USD. There are four flavors: green apple, grapefruit, vanilla, and mint. The stock of liquid and battery is enough for 500 puffs.

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