Xiaomi Lanmi X1, has it been canceled?

It seemed that the Xiaomi Lanmi X1 was going to launch at the end of July. However, finally the new mobile to be released this month would be the Xiaomi Mi 5X. Now we do not talk about the Xiaomi Lanmi X1. Has it been canceled? Will it be launched? Will there be more Lanmi series smartphones?

Xiaomi Lanmi X1

Xiaomi Lanmi X1 will not be launched in July

Will the Xiaomi Lanmi X1 be launched? It is something impossible to confirm, but at least we can confirm that the Xiaomi Mi 5X itself would be launched in the month of July. Of course, the Xiaomi Mi 5X is not the Xiaomi Lanmi X1, although the truth is that it seems that the mobile would have many of the technical features with which we have said until now that the Xiaomi Lanmi X1. So? Are not you going to launch any Lanmi series smartphone?

Although not officially confirmed, it was said that Xiaomi could launch a new series of smartphones. In addition to the Xiaomi Mi and the Xiaomi Redmi, the Xiaomi Lanmi would be launched. The Xiaomi Mi are flagships. The Xiaomi Redmi (Redmi: red rice) were the mid-range and mid-range, the low priced phones. The Xiaomi Lanmi (Lanmi: blue rice) would be mid-high range mobile. That is, smartphones that would have a price similar to high-end phones, but would be somewhat more basic, but would have a screen without bezels or a dual camera.

The one that finally is not going to launch the Xmiomi Lanmi X1 but is going to launch the Xiaomi Mi 5X means that it is not going to launch the new series of smart phones? In fact, it is most likely that the new series of Xiaomi Lanmi smartphones will be launched.

With all the data that has come from the Xiaomi Lanmi X1, and there were even eight different versions, the truth is that it did not seem very logical that it was a single smartphone. And in fact, it looks like they were actually two different smartphones. One of them was the Xiaomi Mi 5X that would be presented the 26 of July. However, the Xiaomi Lanmi X1 would be a reality.

The smartphone would be mid-high range, and would have a dual camera, and also with a screen without bezels. The Xiaomi Mi 5X has a dual camera, but not with a screen without bezels, so it does not look like a smartphone for a new series of smartphones.

Thus, the Xiaomi Lanmi X1 could be released, although it would be launched in August or September. It would have a 5.5 inch bezel screen with a Full HD resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels, as well as a dual 13 megapixel camera, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 processor, and 4 GB of RAM. The price of the smartphone would exceed 350 dollars.

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