Xiaomi Mi 6 Review: The most anticipated debut

To begin with, that there are rumors about the Xiaomi Mi 6 that you can collect the entire newspaper. At every step, new rumors surfaced, data, photos, insider information and got the impression that the company Xiaomi is not even against such a buzz around smartphone. Especially, in just a couple of months, the device has become one of the most anticipated smartphone in the market, which is clearly increased sales at the start. And, when the smartphone yet announced, we can say certainty that the Xiaomi Mi 6 was worth all the hype and expectations. The company was able to create a decent product in 2017 which is very important.

Xiaomi Mi 6

Hardware of Xiaomi Mi 6

When it comes to the flagship of this year, all at once look at the processor. This developer has put Snapdragon 835 model from the company Qualcomm. This is by far the highest performing mobile processor in the market and has just a huge reserve of power for any task. Xiaomi Mi6 have eight cores Kryo 280 with a clock speed of 2.45 GHz, this head enough to work with games, programs and other things. There is also X16 LTE modem to access the Internet at tremendous speeds in Mi 6. Maintaining the performance of all of the spacecraft will be the RAM at 6 gigabytes which is good enough for the Xiaomi Mi 6 to perform well.


The manufacturer made a knight’s move, though this is a risky move. The smartphone Xiaomi Mi 6 is available in three color – blue, white and black. In this case, on the back side of the entire panel is made of glossy materials, such as glass, but more protected from scratching and chipping. It looks very nice and stylish, but you must understand – this beauty is quickly covered with fingerprints and other unpleasant things. On the front side, we display without frames on the right and the left, underneath the hardware keys Home, recessed above the display – speaker and camera. And, there is an option of ceramics, it is more expensive and not practical at all.


The display of Xiaomi Mi 6 is 5.15 inch, the resolution reaches to 1920 by 1080 pixels. Now, many will say that the diagonal and FullHD is not surprising, but the pixel density is very high, NTSC color space is covered by 94.5%, which means the image will be clear, saturated and bright. And the company is still a place for the release of some Pro or Plus version with a larger diagonal screen. On the back of the smartphone Mi 6, is a system of two cameras 12 megapixels, they take good shots and have the ability to record in 4K.


Now let’s talk about the most delicious – the cost of Xiaomi Mi 6. The company’s flagship comes with 6 gigabytes of RAM, the top-end processor and stylish body only costs $ 360. Yes, it is a very cheap, but there’s still an option for 128 gigabytes of internal memory for $ 420! Just think – the flagship with a top filling and heap memory stands as a mid-range product! For the market of Android-smartphone is a big hit, so prepare your wallets – soon it will be possible to upgrade your smartphone at a sufficiently low impact on the budget and Xiaomi Mi 6 is best option.

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