Xiaomi Mi 6 with the transparent back

A new video has been uploaded on youtube in which we can see a complete exploded view of a Xiaomi Mi 6, the last top of the range terminal that has recently launched the Chinese company.

In addition to the cutting, this video repeats what we saw in this, one dedicated to the Galaxy S8, the process necessary to make transparent the back of a Xiaomi Mi 6. Obviously, it is something quite complex and voids the warranty of the terminal so it is not recommended for the average user, but it is quite interesting.

Xiaomi Mi 6

In general, the finish is quite good and of course we can consider it as something unique, although the battery ends covering almost all the rear so we do not have a clear vision of the components of the terminal, even with the back case completely transparent.

During the process the video also delves into the water resistance of the terminal and finds it deserves an IP64 certification, which means it is dust resistant but is only designed to stop small splashes of water.

This is because although Xiaomi has sealed almost the entire terminal and has removed the 3.5mm jack connector and has exposed the USB Type-C port, which means that if a water immersion occurs that port is a huge Way of entry.

We all know the damage water can cause on electronic devices, so the best we can do if we are going to buy a Xiaomi Mi 6 is to keep it as far away from the liquid element as possible.

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