Xiaomi Mi A2 to have 3 rear cameras: Release Date & Specs Sheet

Xiaomi Mi A2 to have 3 rear cameras: Release Date & Specs Sheet

Xiaomi Mi A1 is not such a budget phone, and among the gadgets with a similar screen diagonal and on the same platform Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 there are options which may be cheaper. But Xiaomi knows exactly what it takes for extra money – well, who else in this price category offers a dual-real camera, which also does its job well?

Xiaomi Mi A2 to have 3 rear cameras: Release Date & Specs Sheet

Perhaps the portrait mode with a digital bokeh effect and does not work flawlessly, but this task has not yet been mastered by any manufacturer, including eminent competitors Xiaomi, and a double optical zoom realized due to the “long-focus” lens is an irreplaceable thing. However, there is news for the next beast in the series of Mi A. And; the entry will be Xiaomi Mi A2.

Talking about the present generation Mi A1 smartphone, the design of the Mi A1 is completely secondary, but this does not negate the fact that the smartphone looks solid and is manufactured in high quality. The brightness and contrast of the display are at the level of the best examples of IPS panels, although the color calibration and the range of colors leave much to be desired. In the list of merits, Xiaomi Mi A1 also enroll a powerful amplifier 3.5-inch audio output. Finally, this is one of the rare opportunities to get a clean OS with a minimum of third-party software for moderate money, excluding other, frankly budget models on Android One.

Pros of Mi A1:

  • dual camera
  • bright and contrast display
  • a powerful audio amplifier
  • metal housing
  • OS Android One without any extraneous applications.

Cons of Mi A1:

  • noisy photos in low light
  • The display has an overestimated color temperature and does not cover the color space sRGB
  • there is no NFC interface

So, you can look at the sheet that Mi A1 is quite a good smartphone considering the price and performance ratio. But it can’t be the best smartphone camera looking at OnePlus 5T and iPhone X. However, Xiaomi Mi A2 could overcome these issues, and it is rumored with the Snapdragon 7 series chipset, 4GB RAM, and 3 rear cameras for better-focused images. You may expect the new smartphone from Mi in the mid-2018.

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