Xiaomi Mi AI Speaker: The answer to Amazon Echo and Google Home

The Chinese company officially launched the Xiaomi Mi AI Speaker, a smart speaker that comes to be the manufacturer’s response to products as well-known as the Amazon Echo and Google Home.

Xiaomi Mi AI Speaker

The Xiaomi Mi AI Speaker is a connected device that is able to respond to commands by voice and to perform very varied tasks.

So we can ask direct questions about weather or news of the day; Set reminders and alarms, ask you to play multimedia content or even directly control the other home automation devices that we have integrated into our home.

It also has a mobile application that allows you to add plugins to improve their capabilities but for now is a product that can only understand and speak in Chinese, with all that entails.

At the technical level integrates physical controls at the top for ease of use in any situation and has six surround speakers that also offer noise cancellation to enhance the experience.

Xiaomi Mi AI Speaker initial availability has been confirmed in China where it will cost 45 dollars, a very good price considering all that it offers.

We know that you are wondering if this Xiaomi Mi AI speaker will eventually reach the international market and it is clear that in its current state, although we cannot rule out that Xiaomi consider launching a version that includes the English language.

In any case it is an important announcement for a very simple reason, and is that Xiaomi shows that it can and wants to compete in practically all the sectors that are currently the general consumer electronics market.

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