Xiaomi Mi Max 2: Review

Mobile phone Xiaomi Mi Max 2, which announced just recently, is a prime example of the right smartphone. The developer decided to completely give up certain chips, which are imposed on other players in the market. The gadget is not got a double chamber which does not affect the quality of the color image, and only increases the cost of the gadget, it has not received the folded edges of the display, which is only for design invented, but not for practical use. Developers have invested their strength in the fact that the product look more attractive in terms of practicality – more features, more convenient use of a particular product features, more space to work. In general, this product was created for people who know a lot and that they will enjoy it the most, because the chips were all branded original smartphone, plus plenty of small fixes.

Xiaomi Mi Max 2


The basis for the Xiaomi Mi Max 2 processor performance Snapdragon 625 is taken from the company Qualcomm. The processor is powerful enough, it is built on the latest technology and is located within eight cores, which give a tremendous performance and problems you will not have exactly the games or applications, this is a fact. To maintain the performance of this processor will access memory of 4 gigabytes. Built-in memory is the same either 64 gigabytes or 128, depending on the configuration you choose. By the way, the choice of equipment depends only on the built-in memory, the other parameters are the same for models.


Manufacturer did everything in the best possible way – on the front panel, we display that occupies a huge part of the panel, below the display are three touch-sensitive keys, and above it – a speaker with a camera and sensors. Frame on the right and left of the display of Xiaomi Mi Max 2 are minimized, even more than the previous version. The back side is too laconic to the maximum – the camera and flash out of the case does not act at all, it’s cool, centrally located and fingerprint sensor just below the logo discreet. All this looks very attractive and strictly, I really like this design without unnecessary husks.

Xiaomi Mi Max 2


The display is 6.44 inches with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, the matrix is ​​constructed by IPS technology with wide viewing angles and other advantages. Display is just gorgeous – it comfortable to read, write, work with text, play, communicate in social networks, in general everything in the world. The main chamber is of 12 megapixels is based on matrix IMX386 by Sony and has a phase autofocus, dual LED flash and removes very soundly. The battery capacity of Xiaomi Mi Max 2 is 5300 mAh, has a fast charge of QC 3.0 technology, so that you can play for a long time, and recharge quickly.

Xiaomi Mi Max 2


Cost of the smartphone, too smart – for the version with 64 gigabytes of internal memory just asking $ 248. Of course, this is the course for China, we have a smart phone will be a little more expensive, but it is still a very affordable option. Cost option for 128 GB is $ 290, too, is not very expensive, but the price tag, I personally first prefer and I think that it is the youngest model to be the most popular among buyers. The smartphone Xiaomi Mi Max 2 is great, it will like you in all respects, and it is worth a closer look.

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