Xiaomi Mi Mix 2: Leaks about Launch Date

The phones without frames already existed, the prize to get the first one deserves Sharp with its Aquos Crystal, but the merit of having made them fashionable is undoubtedly Xiaomi. The first Mi Mix arrived last year almost erasing three of the four frames of your phone. So complex was the design that the front camera had to move to the bottom frame. Minor concessions for implanting an unstoppable trend.

Xiaomi Mi MIX 2

Now, with the realization that mobiles without frames have come to stay, the Orientals are about to put their second generation in circulation. It seems to be yesterday when the Mi Mix landed in the smartphone market and Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 is about to debut. If the leakage that reaches the media is correct, on September 12 it is coming out.

Although the truth is that photography also does not indicate remarkable beyond a plastic finish that raises too much doubts and a USB port C that was already present in the first generation. You can also see the stereo speaker, or rather the pair of speakers on the bottom of the terminal.

A fact not to be overlooked is that this filter housing has two perforations at the top. That may mean that we are facing a phone with two rear cameras, if Xiaomi has managed to take the fingerprint reader to the front and behind the screen as it looks like it will be the trend from now on, or we have a new phone with simple camera and reader of footprints.

Thus, the future Xiaomi no-frames phone Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 should debut next September 12 and serve as competition, in its country and with certain qualifications, to other market examples such as the recent Galaxy Note 8, the previous S8 or LG G6.

Be that as it may, the path of Xiaomi follows, the struggle continues. The manufacturer aims to reach 100 million mobile phones this year and everything seems to go well, we’ll see how she does this new Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 when it finally goes on sale. Let us hope that better than the first, whose housing ceramic delayed much manufacturing. We will see it when the year closes.

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