Xiaomi Mi6 Plus abolished in favor of Xiaomi Mi Note 3

Recently, we updated on our blog about Xiaomi Mi6, rumors were there about this smartphone. Even before the release of Xiaomi Mi6, network rumors are there about its larger member which is going to be Xiaomi Mi6 Plus.

Xiaomi Mi Note 3

After the announcement of MI 6 network sources claimed that the Mi 6 Plus will be released in a few months as well. However, insiders said that the development of this smartphone is cancelled, and all the developments will go in favor of the Mi Note 3.

It will be difficult to commit here that whether Xiaomi Mi6 Plus would be there in the market with Xiaomi Mi6. As few internal sources are commenting that Mi6 Plus development is cancelled. Instead, Brand is beginning manufacturing of Xiaomi Mi Note 3.

Xiaomi Mi Note 3 output is expected in the third quarter of 2017 (July-September). If we talk about specifications of Mi Note 3, which are not clearly released yet. Xiaomi Mi Note 3 can have 5.7-inch curved display with a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels which is quite good. Among the main characteristics of a top processor Snapdragon 835, 6 or 8 GB GB of RAM, 128GB internal flash memory, and the new camera preset Android Nougat.

Xiaomi Mi Note 3 price can be $ 570 according to the rumors. Let’s wait and watch, whether it is true that Xiaomi Mi Note 3 is on its way to come in the market instead of Xiaomi Mi6 Plus.

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