Xiaomi Riva: Smartphone in rumors

While it is true that Xiaomi has already managed to secure itself in the high range and more with the recent Mi6 , in its early bars became popular for offering entry-level terminals at a very low price, making virtually anyone have a mobile phone Intelligent without taking into account their socioeconomic level.

Xiaomi Riva

This is perhaps why the entry range is still very important for the Chinese company and is witnessed by the discovery of a new Xiaomi phone in the name of ‘ Riva ‘.

Xiaomi Riva phone for the Xiaomi entry range does not stand out especially for offering innovative features or the latest avant-garde, but for having the operating system Android 7.1.2 Nougat, the latest that has launched publicly Google itself.

It is not unusual for Chinese terminals to appear in the market with the latest operating system, so this is an updated phone.

Xiaomi Riva

But if we talk about the specs of the Xiaomi Riva, we are faced with an uncompensated terminal that bets on a processor snapdragon 427, 4 cores at 1.40GHz and a RAM of 3GB. So at least it appears in the Geekbench performance test with a discrete score in single core (560) and multi core (916).

Seeing its specifications and the benchmark score, it seems that we would be facing a new phone in the Redmi range, and perhaps a successor to the Redmi 4A. Be that as it may, the phone seems more than ready to hit the market, and we’re likely to see it first in Asia in the coming weeks.

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