Zenimax VR is now launched against Samsung by Gear VR

Gear VR has been Samsung’s great bet for virtual reality on mobile devices, a product that debuted with the Galaxy S6 and had a good reception, especially thanks to its good value for money.

Zenimax VR

However, the Gear VR uses technology from Oculus VR, a company that as we know was recently sued by Zenimax and ended up being condemned to the payment of 500 million dollars by abuse of technology patented by that one.

We already told you all the details in this article, where we also saw that Zenimax wanted to put an end to the Oculus Rift, a plan that they have now decided to extend to the virtual reality kit of the South Korean giant. They are ready to launch Zenimax VR.

Zenimax has sued Samsung for improper use of its technology in Gear VR, a move that frankly does not surprise us as we anticipated that product was developed in collaboration with Oculus VR, who put “his technology” to make it possible for the development of product i.e. Zenimax VR.

In the suit Zenimax notes that although Samsung knew that they had sued Oculus did not bother to contact them to reach a possible agreement, so they have been forced to go to court to defend their rights.

As it could not be otherwise in this new demand Zenimax requires Samsung to pay the corresponding royalties, in addition to repairing the damages caused and the share of the profits corresponding to the total sales of Gear VR.

There is no doubt that the American firm goes for all and that it is not ready to leave “puppet with head”, although it is important to take into account that the first process that initiated against Oculus is still not closed and that the definitive resolution of the same one will clearly influence this second process against Samsung.

On a personal level I believe that Zenimax is trying to push for a beneficial agreement that involves the payment of compensation and the subscription of licenses to use its technology in its product which is Zenimax VR.

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